Wait List Privileges

Irvington Club Wait List Club Access

A non-refundable deposit is required to be placed on The Irvington Club waiting list. This fee is applied toward the eventual Club membership initiation. Initiation fees are fixed at the time an applicant is placed on the waiting list; however, if an applicant declines membership the first time their name comes up, they will be required to pay the initiation in effect at the time they eventually join.

Tennis Access

You are able to take group and private tennis lessons at the non-member rate if a class is not filled by members. Openings for morning drills are determined 6:00 pm the day prior. It is the responsibility of the individual to call the club to determine openings.  You may play tennis at the club a combined total of three times per month as a guest of a member for reserved, open play, league play or a mixer, with the member being charged the current guest fee (or captain being charged all appropriate fees).

Tournament and League Play

Tournament and League Play is a privilege you will receive as a member. There could be occasions when you may be invited to participate in a club tournament or league play if there are not sufficient members to complete a draw or a team. The conditions for this play are described below. Persons on the wait list will be invited to play in priority order based on their USTA ranking and their position on the wait list. The Tennis Director and Co-Tennis Director approve wait list player participation in club tournaments or on league teams. Non-members who are not on the wait list may not participate in club tournaments (with the exception of the Open Draw).


You and/or your junior children may play in Club tournaments. Doubles players must play with a member. Tournament play does not count toward the “three-time-per-month” limit on tennis play. Tournament fees are $12 more per entry than the member fee.

League Play

Currently, Irvington Club hosts only USTA and City League teams.

  • When 200% of the minimum number of players needed to field a team match is reached, no person on the wait list/non-member is allowed on the team.
  • Any additional players needed during the season must be approved by the Pros.
  • When playing on a league team, all ball, court and guest fees apply.
  • League play does not count toward the waitlist/non-member monthly limit on tennis play at the Club.
  • In the event a team makes Playoffs/Sectionals or Nationals, the Club will reimburse the captain and will charge each event participant the USTA assessed fee.
  • All questions or concerns should be directed to the Pros.