Pool Rules and Schedule

The following policies are made for the safety/benefit of all. Disrespect for rules may result in expulsion or termination of pool privileges.

State of Oregon Administrative Rules for Swimming Pools
  • Members may use the pool during published open hours only: The pool will be guarded during all open hours with the exception of AM Adult Lap Swim. Members must sign a waiver in order to swim during AM lap swim hours.
  • Bathers shall take a cleansing shower before entering the pool: Wipe off excess lotion/oil before going in the water.
  • No running allowed in the pool area: With a second warning, those involved will be sat out for 10 minutes. If the problem persists, the patron will be expelled from the pool for the day.
  • No food or drink, including gum, shall be permitted within 4 feet of the pool: Glass containers of any type are not permitted within the pool enclosure. When barbequing and eating, please be aware of glass condiment bottles, plates, and bowls. You will be asked to remove all and any glass products from the pool deck. Ceramic plates and bowls also fall into this category.
Pool Schedule

The Irvington Club Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend.

2017 Post Season Pool Schedule (August 28th – September 17th)

Please call the club at 503-287-8749 for more information.

Safety and General Rules

Pool Area

All swim accessories are subject to lifeguard’s approval. Roller blades and/or skateboards must be removed at the gate before entering the pool area. All pool toys and flotation devices will be subject to lifeguard’s approval. During peak times you will be asked to take all large flotation devices out of the water. Dogs are not allowed anywhere in the pool area; this includes the area between the entrance door and the pool entrance gate.


The lifeguards have been given authority by the Management to enforce all regulations. Safety requires that the lifeguards not be used as a babysitter. They are empowered to expel anyone for reasons of misconduct or infraction of the rules. Parents will be advised of such action by management. All apparatuses such as face masks, fins, and flotation devices are subject to lifeguard approval.


Please enter the pool by the gate on NE 22nd Avenue. All members must sign themselves and their guests in at the snack bar window before entering the pool deck.


The Irvington Club is not responsible for the loss of valuables. Lockers are available to rent. Please see the front desk for availability.


Only swimsuits are permitted in the pool. No cutoffs or sports bras allowed. Long hair must be secured with a rubber band. Persons in swimsuits must be dried, covered, and wear shoes when entering the club.


A phone is available for use at the snack bar. Please limit your phone calls and make sure you are completely dried off before using the phone.

No Smoking

The Irvington Club is a non-smoking facility.

Pool Schedule

The Irvington Club Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend.

2017 Post Season Pool Schedule (August 14th – 27th)

Please call the club at 503-287-8749 for more information.

Hours of Operation & Restrictions

The pool will be open every day rain or shine. Please refer to the official pool schedule for hours of operation. The exception to being open would be due to a thunder/lightning storm. If this situation arises the lifeguards will close the pool and ask everyone to clear the deck as quickly as possible. They will then wait to see if the storm passes and make the call whether to close the pool for the rest of the day. Everyone must be off the pool deck by 8:45 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday. (Closing time is subject to change) The pool deck is closed to patrons during the scheduled maintenance hours.


All beginner swimmers must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian and must stay in the shallow end unless they can swim the length of the pool. Parents of non-swimmers must be in the water and within arms reach at all times. All swimmers will be asked to take a lap test to determine deep end privileges. Care providers must be informed of this regulation. Children must be toilet trained or wear disposable diapers/plastic pants with snug fitting legs.

Lap Test

Any swimmer or guest wishing to use the deep end must pass a swim test with a lifeguard. The swimmer must prove they can swim the length of the pool without any struggle. The swimmer must use the front crawl with side breathing. This lap test will only be given during adult swim. Please go to the snack bar and let the lifeguards know you wish to take the test. A swimmer can only take the test once per day.

Snack Bar

The snack bar will be open from the beginning of Open Swim until 8:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday. The Snack Bar does not accept cash. All snacks will be charged to member’s accounts.

Water Safety

Diving is allowed only from the deep end of the pool. No flips, spins, or backward dives and jumps are allowed. Only one person is allowed in an inner tube circle at a time. There is to be absolutely no horseplay of any kind. No tennis balls or any other hard balls are allowed.

Tennis Courts, Weight Room, and Spa

Use of the weight room and tennis courts is for full Club members only. Any adult swim members may use the spa and bath house locker rooms. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when using the spa.


A guest must come with a member. They may be refused or a limit on the number of guests may be imposed if the pool is overcrowded. Please call the main number at 503-287-8749 to determine the status. We will know by 12:30 pm every day the status of guests, though occasionally, the status will be determined at a later time if the pool quickly becomes overcrowded. Please remember to always call the Club first before coming with your guest to minimize any inconveniences. The daily guest fee is $6.00 per guest. All guests must sign-in at the snack bar before entering the pool. The snack bar does not accept cash, guest fees will be charged to members accounts. Guests are not allowed during the morning swim times. Guests include all patrons using the pool area (this include the deck and barbeque).

Irvington Pool Guest Policy
  • The Irvington pool will be staffed accordingly for anticipated hot weather. Three staff persons will normally be scheduled during peak hour of 3:00 – 7:00 pm. The pool manager or head lifeguard will determine if a fourth employee is needed. This will ensure that upon opening, the pool will be available to all members and their guests.
  • The Irvington Pool Manual states that we will use a ratio of one lifeguard to 20 patrons.
  • When the capacity reaches 80%, the head lifeguard will alert the front desk. The time at which the call was made will be recorded at both the front desk and the pool. Guests will not be allowed 30 minutes after this call has been made (example: The pool staff calls the front desk at 2:45 pm saying that pool is getting full. No guests will be allowed at 3:15 pm).
  • Once the decision has been made to not allow guests, it will stay in place until at least 6:00 pm. The head lifeguard will determine if the pool will allow guests after 6:00 pm or not. They will contact the front desk with this decision.

Thank you for your understanding of our guest policy. We want to do our absolute best to help ensure a great summer for all of our members and their guests.

Pool Parties & Procedures

Pool parties must be scheduled and approved at least one week in advance. To schedule a party, call 503- 287-8749
during Open or Family Swim Hours only. Only one table is allowed to be reserved for each party. You may also use the barbeque during your party, however, you may not reserve the barbeque for your own use. Please remember no glass of any kind is allowed in the pool enclosure. Your party is responsible for cleaning up the table and barbeque that is used. Guest charges will apply for each guest attending your party. A limit of 10 guests will be allowed at any pool party.

Closing Procedure

The pool will be cleared five minutes before closing as the area must be vacated at closing time (typically, this will be at 8:40 pm, unless the lifeguards need to close the pool earlier for safety or maintenance reasons). The lifeguards will give a five-minute notice. Please respect the lifeguards and leave in a timely matter.

Wading Pool

Children four years old and younger may use the wading pool. Children must be toilet trained or wear disposable diapers/plastic pants with snug fitting legs. No more than six children may use the wading pool at a time. An adult must supervise a child in the wading pool at all times. White plastic chairs only in the wading pool area. No jumping, diving, or rough play. There may also be no flotation devices, however, small rubber toys are okay.

Adult Lap Swim

This is only for members 18 years of age or older. The pool will be cleared the first 15 minutes of each hour. Juniors cannot return to the pool until the whistle blows. If you are taking a dip, lap swimmers have the right of way.

Scheduled Adult Lap Swim

Please refer to the pool schedule to see designated Adult Lap Swim times. Guests are not allowed during morning swim times. Morning lap swimmers must sign a waiver. No swimmers under the age of 18 will be permitted to swim during AM lap swim hours. Juniors 14 and older may lap swim (noon and evening hours) if there are not more than two adults in the pool (this does not apply to the adult lap swim that occurs during the 15 minutes on the top of each hour during Open and Family Swim). Lap swimmers must vacate the pool locker rooms by 8:55 pm.


Under no circumstances may anyone bring alcohol from outside of the Club. If anyone wants beer or wine, they need to purchase it from the snack bar inside the Club. Lifeguards will be monitoring this policy and if anyone is in violation of it, they will be reported to Management & action will be taken.

Date of Operation

The pool will open on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weeekend and close on the Monday of Labor Day Weekend.

Spa/Jacuzzi Regulations
  • Everyone is required to take a cleansing shower before entering the spa. All sun screen and lotion must be rinsed off!
  • A key must be signed out and returned to the front desk (or pool snack bar) for spa access.
  • No food or drink (except water in a plastic container) allowed anywhere in the locker room, including the spa enclosure.
  • A maximum of 8 people are allowed in the spa at any one time.
  • Children age three and under are not allowed in the spa.
  • No one under 16 years of age is allowed in the spa unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • No person suffering from a communicable disease transmittable through water shall use the spa.
  • Pregnant women should not use the spa without consulting their physician.
  • No one should spend more than 15 minutes in the spa in any one session.
  • Elderly persons and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or those using prescription medications should consult their physician before using the spa.
  • Any individual under the influence of alcohol or other drugs should not use the spa.
  • No street shoes allowed in the spa enclosure.
  • Proper swim suit attire required.
  • Spa Hours:  6:30 AM – 10:00 PM