Personal Training

The Irvington Club offers personal training with Joey Smith.


Joey brings 16+ years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and club director leading group and one-on-one fitness training sessions. He has a broad range of experience that includes beginner, intermediate and advanced clients. A former all-state athlete himself, Joey has trained high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He has extensive experience in time efficient training programs for weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, core training, strength, endurance speed and agility and nutrition services.


To enlighten, educate, motivate, and coach men, women, teens and children on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise and nutrition.


Personal health, fitness, and proper nutrition impact every aspect of our lives including our work, hobbies, personal relationships and sports. I bring a passion for personal fitness and I work to instill that passion in all of my clients. Working out is not just work, it can be fun as well. This will be our approach in the group sessions here at The Irvington Club. Consistency is key!

For more information please contact Joey Smith via the contact form below or by phone 503-290-8191.