Irvington Club Policy on League Team Formation and Captains’ Guidelines

Only members who register on the interest sheet sign-ups will get placed on to a team.

  • Sign-ups are online and in the Club breezeway.
  • Pros form all teams at level. If there is a need at a higher level they may ask you to play at that level in addition to your “at level” team.
  • All teams are formed in levels A, B and C.
  • Pros select captains for all teams.
  • Please let the Pros know if you are interested in captaining.
  • Pros make teams defined as 100% of the number needed to field a match for that team.
  • When 200% of the minimum number of players needed to field a team match is reached, no waitlister/non-member is allowed on the team.
  • Pros form teams by trying to double the amount of players needed for a team match.  The 200% of minimum rule also governs non-members.
  • Any additional players needed during the season must be a approved by the Pros.
  • Before considering non-members to be added to a team during the season due to shortage of players, rescheduling of the match must be attempted.
  • If you didn’t sign up, but would still like to join a team, your placement on a team will be on a need basis, beginning with the lower “at level” team.
  • No changes will be made to a team after team rosters are published.
  • When playing on a league team, all ball, court and guest fees apply.
  • League play does not count toward the waitlist/non-member monthly limit on tennis play at the Club.
  • In the event a team makes Playoffs/Sectionals or Nationals, the Club will reimburse the captain and will charge each event participant the USTA assessed fee.
  • All questions or concerns should be directed to the Pros.