2017 Carolyn Lumber Championships

Mark your calendars now … details to follow soon!

The Irvington Club
Carolyn Lumber Tennis Championships (members only)

2017 Tournament Dates:  October 7th – 21st

 Rescheduling Policy

  1. Rescheduling will be allowed per pros discretion and opponents agreement on court time during tournament hours and if it can be played before the next scheduled match day & time.
  2. If your match can’t be rescheduled, the Sub Rules will be in effect.

Substitution Rules

  1. Losers of the semifinal match will move into the finals if both finalists are unable to play at the scheduled day and time.
  2. A substitute is allowed to play in the finals. Please see rules #3 and #4 for exclusions.
  3. A sub may play in the main or consolation draw so long as they are not currently in that draw.
  4. Substitutes are not allowed to substitute back into a match versus opponents they have already played.
  5. If you have entered two draws, you are allowed to substitute into the third draw if your schedule permits.
  6. No subbing for singles. 

2017 Tournament Entry Form PDF

Wait List Members
A person on the wait list may play in an Irvington Club Tournament. If playing doubles, a person on the wait list must play with a member. Tournament play does not count towards the three-times-per-month limit on tennis play. Tournament fees are $12 more per entry than the member fee.